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Cast and Crew

Harlem Queen features the voice talents of:

Gabrielle Adkins - Madame Stephanie St. Clair

Ian Bell - Dutch Schultz

Journey Brown-Saintel - Ruby Washington

Nia Calloway - Betty

D. Rubin Green - Calvin Floyd, Announcer, Charles Johnson, Irish Merchant and Doctor

Melissa  Green - Zora Neale Hurston, Ruby Washington

Steven Hylton - Langston Hughes, Bunky

Peter Killy - Lucky Luciano

Isaiah James Mueller - Eugene Washington

Jocelyn O'Toole - Ida

Damian Paris  - Rene

Luke Slattery - Manos

Emerald Toller - Michelle


Created, written and produced by Yhane Smith

Director - Shawn Regruto

Sound Studio and Engineer Kieran Kelly at the Buddy Project

Editor - Chris Manly

Sound Design and Editor - Peter Kohl


Original theme music composed by Jason Moran


Production Assistants - Nina Smith and Emely Perez


Thank yous and shout outs:

Matt Amore

Julie Atwell

Gabriel and Tabitha

Karen C.

Kate Chaston

Elena Fernandez Collins

Bridgett M. Davis

Shaina Feinberg

Jennifer Ho

Michael Minard

Alicia Moran

Gabrielle Mullem

Joianne Pyram

Andrietta Sims

Naomi Smith

LaShelle Wilkes

Michelle Wilson

and the best Writer's Group in NYC