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What a beautiful audio drama! I admire it all -- the acting, production, music, and the writing. I especially love… the cultural context for the story. So engaging and rich! - Bridgett M. Davis, The World According the Fannie Davis





This is a wonderful historical fiction look into St. Clair’s patronage and business, and the way she fought against racism and sexism at every turn, including indications to her later work as an activist for reform. It’s a lovingly rendered work, with a main actress who clearly spent a lot of time digging into St. Clair’s experiences, that doesn’t forget the duality of St. Clair’s life. - Elena Fernandez Collins  - Audio Dramatic




Creator, producer and writer, Yhane Smith explains, "I've been fascinated with the Harlem Renaissance from a very young age.   It was a time when we called ourselves by royal and  elegant names like Madame CJ Walker, Empress of the Blues Bessie Smith, Lady Holiday, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Madame Queen St. Clair, even my grandmother was referred to as Pres.  I wanted to capture the sophistication and elegance of the era as well as the nitty gritty underworld that Madame St. Clair had to wade through to be successful and help her community.  She was a businesswoman, an activist, a philanthropist and a true race woman.

"When I learned of Madame St. Clair, I wondered, why haven't I ever heard of this incredible woman? I knew the lore of Lucky Luciano, Al Capone, Bunky Johnson, but not Madame St. Clair.  I am thrilled to share a story about a black woman who was smart, brave, vulnerable and cared deeply for her community."